Too verbose for Twitter. Too lazy to write a book.

Some things in life are better left unsaid…but I’ll risk it. (The Mini Manifesto)

This blog contains the philosophy and practical suggestions of a technology-focused virtual office veteran. Before the Cloud, apps, and even Twitter, I was navigating the high-tech world, doing business face-to-face, and even keeping actual office hours…in an office. I went to meetings, developed (and successfully kicked) a bad “Crackberry” habit (my first one didn’t even have a phone…top that), hopped flights across the country for two-hour presentations, and at times, was able to get some actual work done (not defined as email).

My days working from home–before it was called virtual or remote–haven’t changed much, although I now rarely travel outside of my basement office. Back in 2002, Skyping meant instant messaging, not video calls. We “IM’ed” with each other to collaborate, without the need for picking up the phone, just as we do in a much more efficient way now on Hangouts or Slack. Email was still an ancillary activity rather than the main event of our workdays. We were still creating things, not just copying-and-pasting.

Over the past 16+ years, I have: driven user adoption, implemented systems, configured countless users, performed late night QA on the latest bits, influenced purchase decisions, translated customer-to-developer (and back again), surrounded products with services, driven product direction, undergone painful brain-drains for white papers, performed market research, created functional specifications, built algorithms, written documents of all kinds, fixed broken things, broken fixed things, schmoozed–and been schmoozed, defined problems that made my head hurt, and created some that hurt the heads of others.

The closest thing to code I’ve ever written is some XML for a few forms templates. But, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in technology–and people–throughout all of those years. I’ve tried and failed at many things. So many useful skills still evade my capture (and/or attention). And, through it all, I’ve remained a student of my industry and an avid watcher of people. I’ve learned a lot from both.

Name one hole and I’ve probably fallen into it…twice. Maybe my wounds will be instructive to you. And, maybe my suggestions will resonate with your own observations. Perhaps I’m not the only Master of the Obvious.

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