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“History/Recent Tabs” Feature in Google Chrome will give you better looks, help you lose weight, and make you rich*

(*Your mileage may vary)

I know what you’re going through. There you are, seated at your computer, torn between the call of nature and the need to continue reading the inspiring words of the latest post from the Master of the Obvious. Or, perhaps the 5 o’clock whistle sounded right as you were about to leave a comment on my blog and now you have to head home. What should you do?

Don’t despair, friends. You can have your cake and eat it too, with the “History/Recent Tabs” feature in Google Chrome.

One day a few years ago I was engrossed in an awesome article on some sort of economico-political thingie and had to leave for a medical appointment. Anticipating a lengthy wait, I grabbed my iPad and headed out the door. Once seated in the waiting area of the outpatient center with the other Walmart shoppers, I decided to resume reading my article. Employing my usual technique for regaining lost cyberground, I googled some of the keywords from the article and quickly located it.

History/Recent Tabs Feature

One of the first things that occurred to me was that the article was “purpled-out” in the list of search results, indicating I had previously viewed it. This didn’t surprise me, since I knew I was signed into Chrome on my tablet as well as the home computer. But, it caused me to have one of those “wouldn’t it be great if” thoughts.

Specifically, I wanted to be able to leave one device, pick up another one, and pick up where I left off, seamlessly. Shouldn’t be too hard, given that Google (and the Federal government) tracks everything I do, where I do it, and with whom….

So, I continued on with my stimulating article and then headed back home after my appointment. As I sat down at the kitchen computer and opened Chrome, I spied a very interesting feature in the bottom right-hand corner of a new browser tab, that said “Other devices.” This feature has since been renamed and relocated, and resides under “History” in the menu of desktop version of Chrome (see above), and “Recent Tabs” on the mobile version of Chrome on Android devices (below).

Recent Tabs

History/Recent Tabs takes synchronization of your Google account to its logical conclusion by allowing you to pick from the open tabs on all of your devices. If you move from one device to another throughout your day, you will appreciate how this feature helps you recover from interruptions (sometimes measured in days, not hours). The other device doesn’t need to be powered on; while signed into your Google account in Chrome, the synchronization will continue in the background up until the moment you turn off your computer.

Try it out and see if this feature helps you get more out of your Google account across all of your devices. And, leave a comment to share your own experiences and favorite Chrome features.

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